Technology & Counting Absence Seizures

In my blog post “Counting My Absence Seizures,” I talked about my inability to count my absence seizures.  I want to be as independent as possible.  Once I saved up some money, I wanted to buy the technology to actually start trying this.

I need some advice on the technology part.  I have a digital camera that can record videos (max length of video is 25 min) to a memory card.  I was hoping to save money and use my current digital camera, but buy a memory card that can store larger videos.  Is this possible or is this project going to be more complicated than I thought?  If I ask someone at a store, I feel that they will try to get me to spend as much money as possible.

My idea is to occasionally record myself for a length of time doing normal activities at about the same time of the day (such as:  7pm).  I could then look at the videos to count my absence seizures.  I also want to keep the videos just in case they would be needed at a later time.


What do you think?

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