When your job search doesn’t go the way you want it to…

I have been a little sad and depressed lately.  I am struggling to motivate myself to grade my student’s papers.  I also have an erratic sleeping schedule, which is not recommended by my neurologist.  I have a few theories about why this could be happening.

My quest for full-time employment is going nowhere.  The best progress that I have made is a couple of telephone interviews.  I have no problems finding work as an adjunct professor.  I am wondering if I am ever destined to have a full-time job or if I should give up the quest.  I have focused on the current city that I live in, since moving to between states and other cities is unpleasant.  Maybe the simple solution is to expand my job search.

Timing is sometimes an issue.  Right now, I can’t afford to live without a financial safety net.  The classes that I teach have fulfilled that purpose.  However, once I sign a contract to teach the classes it is unprofessional to break the contract.  I need my former employers to give me a glowing recommendation for my new job.

The sun is setting ridiculously early now, which can also affect my mood.  I sometimes teach in late afternoons and evenings, and going to work when the sun is already setting is a little difficult to get used to.

A simple solution that I am trying is to go to events and attempt to meet new people.  I will let you know if it works.  If you have a suggestion or recommendation, do not hesitate to let me know in the comment section below.



5 thoughts on “When your job search doesn’t go the way you want it to…

  1. I’m not sure what your interests are but I’m a runner and I’ve found running clubs or groups to be a wonderful way for interaction. Runners are actually a warm and inviting group. And you get healthier to boot!

    FYI….I started my own blog for seizure disorder awareness – projectdare.wordpress.com. I hope you come check it out.


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