Need Advice – Successfully Navigating Holiday Parties

Now that the holiday season is in full swing, there will be many parties.  I have been in a more festive spirit this year and am thinking about attending the Christmas party at work and other holiday parties.  Most of the holiday parties that I am invited to tend to offer alcohol.

Where’s the problem?  I do not know how others with chronic illnesses stand on this issue, but I prefer not to mix alcohol with my prescription medicines.  It can have unwanted side effects.

Unwanted side effects can come in many ways.  A few years ago, I caught a cold and decided to take some cold medicine.  For some unexpected reason, I had a seizure later that night.  When I talked to the doctor, I found out that the medicine I took at the time had a bad reaction with some cold medicines.  I’m not suggesting drinking alcohol might cause seizures, but I prefer not to drink it and be safe.

I have found a solution to this when attending small family gatherings.  I bring my non-alcoholic drinks such as sparkling cider.  The hostess appreciates my efforts for bringing something to the party, and I have my own drinks to sip on for the rest of the party.

For the first time, I am thinking of attending my college’s Christmas party.  I have never attended a Christmas party at work before.  I’m not sure if this will even be a problem, since most people might be a little nervous about drinking in front of their boss.

I am also an introvert.  I find socializing with large groups of people to be an exhausting experience.  Attending large parties and attempting to network can also be difficult.  Do you have any suggestions on successfully navigating holiday parties?


2 thoughts on “Need Advice – Successfully Navigating Holiday Parties

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  2. I always bring bottled water. Believe me, people will drink to excess when the booze is free! Thankfully, most people won’t be coherent enough to remember you weren’t drinking.


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