Is it Possible to Celebrate Christmas on a Tight Budget?

The holiday season can be difficult to navigate when you are on a budget.  My income has significantly dropped from the previous year, so I need to plan carefully.  I am trying to find ways to celebrate the holiday season without spending a lot of money.

There are many cool things in my area around the holiday season.  You could go see the Nutcracker, Swan Lake, Handel’s Messiah, etc.  All of that takes money though.  I am attempting to save money by going to events that are extremely cheap or free.  The city where I live has inexpensive family-friendly events on a regular basis.

Because I am trying to save up money, I may have to be creative when Christmas shopping this year.  Between airplane tickets, a hotel room, and a rental car, I have already spent quite a bit just to be able to see my family over Christmas.  My family is not small and Christmas shopping can get expensive fast.  My nieces and nephews like fancy video games, but I can’t afford them.  I have not come up with a plan yet, and am procrastinating on this issue.  If you have any suggestions, please let me know.

Is it possible to celebrate Christmas on a tight budget?


8 thoughts on “Is it Possible to Celebrate Christmas on a Tight Budget?

  1. Often times I wish we could forgo gift giving all together. Not only to save money but also so we could get back to the tradition of spending time and not money on one another. Do you have tree lighting ceremonies or holiday concerts at local schools? I am not sure about there but here they cost little to nothing.

    All of the increased stress can be difficult for us this time of year. Make sure -first and foremost- you are taking care of yourself. As you well know, stress and seizures do not mix!

    Be safe. Be well. Happy holidays to you!


  2. I’m having the same problems and it just doesn’t seem possible. They make Christmas expensive on purpose and for people who have tight budgets I don’t think they care about them. Have you tried going on Pinterest and making some of your gifts? I use Pinterest a lot.


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