Has Much Changed from Last Year?


It is the end of January 2015 and I find myself still trying to make ends meet. I will be able to save money if I keep using the principles that I learned last year.


I can save a lot of money on food.  There is a local discounted farmers market near me, and it is open all year.  I just need to be careful of the produce.  I was able to buy produce for less money then at the local grocery store.   Eating out at restaurants has become a very expensive, so I will have to limit it to special occasions only.

Health Insurance

I knew that I had to reapply for health insurance, but I needed to try to get an option with a lower premium.  I needed to save money wherever I could.  I applied in December, and even had to send them proof of my income.  After calling to make sure that everything was going okay, I was able to choose health and dental insurance for myself.


I am actually teaching more classes than last semester.  I didn’t see any choice in the decision since bills need to be paid, and I need to save money.  I am working at two colleges teaching math at one place and physics at the other.  I am trying to use good time management skills to make sure everything gets done when it should.  Unfortunately, I have gotten paid at one of the colleges yet.  I’m not sure how much longer I can keep working like this.

I would like to be able to attend more networking events.  This would help increase my chances of getting full-time employment.  However, many of these events are expensive.  I will have to be careful to select some good networking events that are not terribly expensive.

When you are trying to make sure you can pay all your bills, it is hard to think about what job would be perfect for you.


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