Too many snow storms: When is spring going to come?

Snow Covered Trees

The city I live in has recently hit by a series of snow storms.  At first, I thought the snow looked beautiful.  But after a while, the subzero temperatures, cloudy skies, and mountains of snow have really started to affect my mood.

Getting to Work

Getting to work is a hassle.  I take public transportation and walk to the train every morning.  The mountains of snow that have built up make this difficult.  The people who live in the neighborhood have done their best to keep some of the sidewalk cleared off.  The train doesn’t work as efficiently as it normally does.  I have been lucky and still managed to make it to my classes on time.  I just want the snow to melt, so the train will work on its normal schedule again.

Social Events

I have been only venturing outdoors long enough to go to work and back.  For every other event, I seriously consider whether it is worth braving snow, cold temperatures, and slow public transportation.  There were not many events that passed.  I used to venture out on the weekends to coffee shops or free events in the city.  I don’t go to those events because it’s ‘too cold.’

When is spring going to come?

I feel like a caged bird at the moment.  I want to go to events and do things, but I don’t want to be cold in the process.  I want sunshine, warm temperatures, and most importantly, no snow.  When are the warm temperatures going to come back?

In an effort to change things, I purchased a plane ticket to fly out and see my sister.  I will not leave until March, but hopefully the change in scenery will do me some good.  I have recently found out that some of my bosses and co-workers travel to warmer locations during the holidays.  I think I know why now.


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