Winter & Weight Loss

Winter is particularly hard on my weight loss efforts.  I have found it hard to stick to an exercise routine.  Watching what I eat has been particularly difficult.


Some disciplined people can follow an at-home exercise routine.  However, that is definitely not me.  I went to a fitness studio where they held Zumba classes.  The people there were really nice and I liked the atmosphere.  It was great, but it was a hike to get there.  Walking that far in the snow is a major deterrent for me.  There is a YMCA that is much closer, but I have postponed getting a membership.


I have tried hard to watch what I eat.  I started off well eating veggie stir fries and trying to keep my carb level low.  I have tried to follow the modified atkins diet, which is supposed to be helpful for those persons with seizures.  When the weather turns bad, my eating habits turn bad also.  When I had to start leaving earlier to get to work, I started stopping by the local Dunkin’ Donuts to pick up breakfast.  I have also eaten more pizza and pasta then I care to admit.

What do you do to stay motivated during the winter time?



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