The Long Winter did not kill my Quest for Full-Time Employment

During the past few months, I could not job search as often due to my heavy work load.  Things were even worse due to a harsh winter, which made it difficult to get to networking events.  I tried to make the small amount of time that I did have as efficient as possible.

I tried a couple of new things that have been helpful:

  1. carefully analyzing job postings – I am analyzing the job postings more critically.  I will also look at their mission statement.  Do I agree with their philosophy?  I only apply to the ones that I feel really resonate with me. Sometimes you forget this principle when looking for a job.
  2. Created a job search portfolio – a detailed account of when I applied for the job, who I contacted, etc.  This has been particularly useful for me.

I also looked at my current employers.  Are there any opportunities for me to transition to a full-time job? After talking to some other part-time professors like myself, they did not know of anyone who transitioned to a full-time professor position.  Many have applied for full-time positions, but were not hired.

I knew this already, and applied for a full-time position at one of my current employers.  I am proud to say that my application is still being considered.  I am following up with my contacts on a regular basis, and have not received a rejection email yet.

I am still attempting to network with others.  I feel this is an area is hurting me at the moment.  During some small pockets of free time, I try to go to meetings and other events to meet new people.  Large groups still make me nervous, but I’m hoping that with practice and time I will get better.


2 thoughts on “The Long Winter did not kill my Quest for Full-Time Employment

  1. Yes, its not like they are doing “us” a favor. Ofcourse we have to think about where we are going to work. Its bad if you dont agree with how things are done where you work at.
    Hopefully you get what your searching for ! 🙂


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