Why are there blood blisters in my mouth?

I have an appointment with my neurologist coming up next week.  I do not expect much excitement since things have gone reasonably well for me.  As of today, I am able to carry out a fair amount of stressful work without having a seizure.  I guess you could say that I believe I am doing well for someone with epilepsy.

One topic that I want to bring up is blood blisters.  For some reason, I have been periodically finding them in my mouth.  I have no memory of how it got there.  I have generalized epilepsy.  According to wikipedia, generalized seizures “are a type of seizure that impairs consciousness and distorts the electrical activity of the whole or a larger portion of the brain.”  I am not always aware of when I have had a seizure.  Is it a side effect of my medicine (Depakote ER) or something else?



What do you think?

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