It has been a LONG semester

I can’t help but be excited that this semester is ending.  Between the winter storms, all the holidays, and other problems, I’m still not sure how I survived.

This winter has been the worst that I have experienced so far.  There were so many school cancellations.  I had to think creatively to get the students focused on academics and to try to get the material completed in time.   The large number of holidays that my college observes also interfered with my class.  I have never had a day off for  Presidents’ Day before moving here.  Final exams are next week and I am crossing my fingers hoping that they all pass.

During most of April, I searched for summer and fall employment.  I need summer jobs to make sure that I can pay my bills until the fall semester starts, and hopefully save some money.  I didn’t want to get stuck with no classes  again.  This year I was more aggressive with my search and it paid off.   I am still looking for full-time employment in the fall, but also considering more part-time work if that doesn’t work out.  Following up with companies has kept me busy.

I think I scheduled too many classes this year because I feel exhausted.  Unfortunately, I will probably end up accepting more classes than I should next semester also.  This seems to be a vicious cycle that I am stuck in.



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