Why didn’t I Update my Insurance Earlier?

Because I have been extremely busy, I neglected something that I shouldn’t have.  I have dealt with insurance companies and doctors for a while now, so this should not have happened, but it did.

I had an appointment to see my epileptologist.  I got new insurance in the beginning of the year, so I changed my insurance information where she works.  They said that they do not accept that insurance, and I would need permission from my insurance to see her.  Once I got that permission then I would also need a referral from my Primary care physician.  Unfortunately, I didn’t get all the details until it was too late.   I had to cancel my appointment with my specialist.

Why didn’t I update my insurance earlier?  I could have slowly solved these problems.  My epileptologist is very popular, so I can’t just get another appointment next week.  I completely forgot to check to see if they accept my new insurance.  She works at a large institution, so I blindly assumed everything would work out.  I also completely forget to ask if they needed a  referral.  Most insurance companies want referrals before you see a specialist of any kind.  I don’t know why I didn’t think of it before.

I guess there is one important lesson that was learned in all of this.  Do not let yourself get so busy that you forget the important things in life.  One of my important things is finding time to manage my chronic illness.


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