Epilepsy & Switching Health Insurance

I found myself with some free time today, so I used it to try to find a solution to my health insurance problem.  I have not been able to deal with it yet because of work.  I have tried to finish up some end of the semester details at one college while getting ready to start a new semester at another.

I was told by a contact at my primary care physician’s office to consider switching insurance.  I called various people for three hours.  I even made sure to throw in the words epilepsy, chronic condition, and neurologist to let them know that my case was important.  The system that my state uses for people to apply for affordable health insurance will not let me switch insurance until a specific time unless you have a ‘qualifying condition.’

Right now, I’m trying to find out if there are other options.  These are the ones that I can think of at the moment:

  1. Don’t see my neurologist until I have new insurance.  She would not be happy with this option, but she is not cheap and I can’t afford an expensive doctor bill at the moment.  Paying out-of-pocket is not an option.
  2. Keep the current insurance, despite its obvious flaws, and change neurologists.

If you have other suggestions, do not hesitate to let me know.   Switching insurance while maintaining my affordable health insurance doesn’t seem possible at the moment.  “The system” will let me switch in November at the earliest.


What do you think?

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