Going Back to Zumba Classes

I have no discipline when it comes to exercise.  I have set a goal of losing some weight before I fly to visit my family for Christmas.  That will be challenging with Halloween and Thanksgiving coming up soon.

For people like myself who have no discipline, I believe it helps to do something that you enjoy.  I have always enjoyed going to Zumba classes.  I’m not sure why I like it so much.  My fitness instructor is like a drill sergeant.  Every time I walk out of my Zumba classes, I feel better about myself mentally.

I went to Zumba class on Monday night.  My poor body was in a lot of pain since this was the first exercise I had done in some time.  The pain did not really dissipate until sometime the next day.  I drank lots of water to keep myself hydrated since it was also very hot.

I have a plan for losing weight.  I am going to Zumba classes about three times a week to exercise more.  This alone should have a positive effect.  I will also attempt to eat well and keep the number of carbs down to a reasonable level.

I will keep on going to my Zumba classes over the next two weeks, and see what sort of results I get when I am a little more disciplined with my exercise routine.  At the moment, I am on vacation from classes and can’t use that as an excuse.


What do you think?

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