What is an Epilepsy Syndrome?

Learn About Epilepsy Syndromes

According to the Epilepsy Foundation:

  • An epilepsy syndrome is defined by a group of features usually occurring together.
  • The features in a syndrome may include types of seizures commonly seen, age when seizures commonly begin, part of the brain involved, usual course, genetic information, and much more.
  • Collectively this description provides information on what medicine and other treatments may be helpful.

If you click on the link or image above, you will go to a page on Epilepsy Foundation website that talks about each of these syndromes in detail.  In order to help illustrate how different epilepsy can be for various patients, I will pick a few of these syndromes and write some blog posts about them in the next few weeks.  If you have a request, please let me know.


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