What is my idea of a Vacation?

Many people I know plan trips when they go on vacations.  They make meticulous plans, spend hours packing, then fly or drive somewhere.  All of that sounds kind of stressful in my opinion.  I had a few days off between my summer and fall semester.  What did I do?


At the end of the semester, I am tired.  Between teaching classes, making sure deadlines are met, grades are submitted on time, etc,  I get exhausted.  I also get really, really stressed.  I do what I can to use time and stress management techniques to make sure I don’t have any tonic-clonic seizures.  Planning another activity right after all of that doesn’t sound relaxing to me.

What did I do during my time off?

I didn’t plan much of anything.  I wanted to have the joy of not having a schedule to follow or deadlines that must be met.  I gave my body some time to unwind. Most “plans” were made at the spur of the moment.  If I wanted to see a movie, I went to one.  It was awesome!

Sometimes I can’t help but feel like I should attempt to travel a bit more.  I simply can’t afford a big vacation every six months.  I am also trying to save up money to visit my family during Christmas vacation, which is always expensive.

My time off was all too brief, and the Fall semester has already started back up again.  I am still working as an adjunct professor at two colleges, and currently am trying to get used to a new schedule.  I guess the “vacation” is over.

What is your idea of a vacation?  Are you the type that enjoys planning everything or are you completely spontaneous?


What do you think?

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