Day 6 – My Ideal Writing Space

My assignment for day 6 in Writing101  is called “The space to write.”  The description for the assignment is to write about our writing habits.  Sounds interesting…


I sometimes go to coffee shops when I want to write.  The desired coffee shop should be laptop friendly.  (Next paragraph explains why.)  Another good writing location for me is at my apartment.

Required Equipment

  • Wireless Internet – I am an internet junky and wifi is really important to me.
  • warm beverage – whether it is coffee, tea, or hot chocolate, I like to have something to drink.  While water will do, I prefer warm beverages.  I’m not sure why.
  • laptop – while some sketch notes on paper, I use my laptop for writing.
  • power cord – you can’t bring that laptop without the power cord.

Ideal Physical Space

The ideal physical space will allow me to use all the required equipment above.  It will also be quiet enough for reflective thought.  Isn’t it interesting how sometimes you can be in a public space and still feel alone.  My ideal physical space will not have many distractions, so I can focus on writing.

Writing Habits

Unfortunately, my writing habits are not good.  When I started this blog, I would only write when inspiration struck or something happened.  Sometimes weeks went by before my blog was updated.

As some of my writing101 and blogging101 classmates may have noticed, my blog posts tend to be a little blunt at times.  I guess that is part of my writing style.  I get to the point real fast, but that doesn’t always tell a good story.

Reader Feedback

Because of this Writing101 course, you know a little more about me and my writing habits.  In order to improve the blog, I would like to have some feedback from my readers.  What would you like me to write about in the future?


3 thoughts on “Day 6 – My Ideal Writing Space

  1. Hallo, I can’t answer your closing question till I return later to read some of other posts but I enjoyed reading this one… your tag cloud looks interesting…I’ll be back 😀


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