Did I win the weight loss challenge?


I meant to make this a theme for my blog while I was doing my weight loss challenge.  I will have to try that another time.  I did learn a lot during this particular challenge.  Here is a summary of the results.

The Results of my Weight Loss Challenge

  1. The Nutritionist – In theory, this was a good idea.  However, the schedule of the nutritionist that I was referred to and my schedule did not agree at all and he/she was incredibly busy.  I will have to keep trying now that I have more free time.
  2. Modified Atkins – Since I was not able to see a nutritionist and was essentially guessing, I am not sure if I was following the modified atkins diet.  I tried to keep my carb intake as low as possible, which was hard since I like yogurt and pasta.  I ate a lot of smoked salmon, albacore tuna, and avocado to make sure that I ate some healthy fats.  I also ate my fair share of eggs and cheese.  I also incorporated some low carb veggies into my diet.
  3. Pinterest – This was a goldmine of information on modified atkins recipies.  I was a little clueless at first on finding good recipies that were low carb.
  4. Restaurants – I decided to just not go to restaurants during the weight loss challenge.  I saved some money as a bonus.
  5. Exercise – I got off to a good start by exercising 3 or 4 times a week.  That is pretty good for me.  I was doing some basic cardio (crunches, sit-ups, lunges, etc).  I did not think that I could afford to pay for a monthly gym membership, so I tried the free alternative.  My exercise routine slowed down considerably after the first few weeks.

The Results

I managed to lose 8 pounds during the weight loss challenge!  I did not win the weight loss challenge, but I proved to myself that I can lose weight.  If I see a nutritionist to get some expert advice on the modified atkins diet and exercise more, I think I will lose even more weight.


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