Sleeping Lemur

Why Am I so Tired?

For some time now, I have felt exhausted frequently, and had little desire to do anything.  It has been difficult for me to get things done.



I thought maybe it could be the weather.  It has been particularly hot lately, and the temperature was frequently up around 90°F.  Is it possible that I have not been drinking enough water?


I have been trying to get a full-time job and have had no success with my job search.  I have been doing the same thing for the past five years.  I am able to pay for my bills, so I shouldn’t complain.

The EX

I found out recently that my ex is now dating.  I knew this would happen eventually, but was unprepared for the situation when I heard the news.

I went to see my primary care physician to make sure it is not a medical problem.



What do you think?

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