What did the doctor say?

I have been doing the best I can to cope with the fatigue that I mentioned in Breaking out of my Routine.  I finally got to see the doctor, but the hardest part was waiting for the results.

The Visit

I started off in a good mood.  It was a particularly sunny and hot day, so I took the bus to the doctor’s office.   The doctor performed his examination, and then had some blood drawn.  The doctor told me he would test for Vitamin D deficiency, signs of liver failure, cholesterol, etc. Are you kidding me?  Liver failure?

On a more positive side, the person who drew the blood did an exceptional job.  Usually that is not the case.  Normally my arm hurts for hours afterwards, but I barely felt the needle go in.


My brain had jumped to the worst possible conclusion.  Being told that it could be organ failure did not set well with me.  I had already convinced myself that I would end up on an organ donor list.

I thought that becoming more informed might help a little.  Reading WebMD and other related health sites did the opposite.  They only make me more paranoid, and I need to avoid reading them.   Waiting for the results is the worst part of the process.

The Results

My doctor’s office was kind enough to post my results on this secure website that they use.  This was not particularly helpful either, since I was not sure how to interpret some of the results.  After going back on WebMD in an effort to educate myself, I only became more worried.  My doctor finally sent me a message saying I was fine.  If I am fine, why do I feel so tired?

Lesson Learned

I am just going to wait until my doctor tells me the results instead of jumping to conclusions.


What do you think?

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