Depression & the USA Election

I am so depressed over the outcome of my country’s (United States) election (not to the point where I need to start calling a suicide hotline.)  I am having serious thoughts about how this is going to affect my future.


I have been working in Higher Education for years as a part-time professor.  I like having a flexible schedule, but it does not give me any benefits.  If my colleges do not get the funding they need to pay me, I may find myself out of a job.

Health Insurance

Because I work part-time, I need to pay for my health insurance.  My premium just went up recently.  I am going to try to apply again and see if I can find a better option that I can afford. I may not have the option of keeping my current neurologist.  My medicine is expensive, so this all has me completely stressed out.

I have fallen back on old habits.  I am attempting to cope with the horrible pain of it all by eating chocolate and other sugary treats.

The Sciences

The sciences (biology, chemistry, physics, etc.) and STEM education have always had a special place in my life.   The President-elect has made several campaign promises that, if enacted, would bring science and STEM education to its knees in America.   What will happen to epilepsy research?

What I thought I knew…

Most importantly, this event calls into question what I thought I knew about people.  I don’t have a major grudge against republicans in general.  There are some prominent republicans that I might think about voting for, but not someone like our new President-elect.

I never would have thought that someone like him would have been elected.  I truly fear for the future of my country, and I don’t think that I’m being paranoid.


What do you think?

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