2016 Edition of Christmas & Traveling with Epilepsy

I am making my annual trek to my family for Christmas.  In Christmas, Family, & Traveling with Epilepsy, I talked about the preparations that I would make for my trips.

Last year, I was taken to the ER while visiting my family in another state.  I wonder if there is something I can do to prevent a repeat of that incident.

In the past, I brought along a mp3 player (iPod) to listen to meditation / relaxation music.  It helps keep me relaxed during the flight.  However, my mp3 player died, so I will have to try to find an affordable replacement before the flight.

My neurologist bumped up my meds since the incident.  I will need to double check my Medic Alert information to make sure it is correct.  I already have enough medicine to last until January, so that will not be a problem.

I need to call my health insurance company to find out what sort of coverage I will have when traveling out of state.  I changed my insurance since last year.  If something does happen, I hope they will at least pay for some of the ER bill.

Do you have any recommendations for my trip?  What has worked for you when you last traveled?



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