Day 4 Chronic Illness Challenge

How have your friends and family reacted to your epilepsy?  Have they been supportive?

Day 4: How have your friends and family reacted to it?

My Friends

It is difficult for me to make friends.  My life lately has been singularly focus on making money and trying to get a full-time job.  That way I can have retirement benefits and health insurance through the company instead of paying for it myself.  Trying to work 3 part-time jobs where none of them give you benefits is hard.  Between work and networking, I haven’t really made time for little things that would help me make more friends.

I do have a couple of friends that accept me for who I am.  They did not treat me any differently from anyone else when I told them I had epilepsy.  A few good friends is better than having a lot of bad ones.

My Family

My family has been supportive.  In the past, I stayed with a family member that enjoys playing music when we sleep.  While they considered it soothing, I couldn’t get to sleep.  Insomnia is not good for persons with epilepsy.  I told one of my sisters about this.  When I flew back for Christmas this year, they offered me a warm room where I could close the door and not hear the music.

In the past when I was taking another medicine, I used to get sick every winter.  If it wasn’t the flu, I got Bronchitis or both of them.  My doctor encouraged me to get a flu shot.  For several years after that, some of my family members would ask me “Did you get your flu shot?”  My family was looking out for me.

My mom was there for me during the initial rebellious stages.  When I was still attempting to tell myself that the doctor was wrong and I didn’t need to take the medicine, she would make me take it anyway.  I had a pill box that I put my medicine in for the week.  She would check it on a regular basis to see if I took my medicine that day.  She did that for years.  I also know she is feeling guilty about the diagnosis and wondering if there was something she could have done to prevent it.  When I found that out, I told her that many people get epilepsy and do not know why.



What do you think?

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