Day 6 Chronic Illness Challenge

If I had the ability to travel back in time to give myself advice, what would it be?  Some people have along list of suggestions they would have given their past selves.

Day 6: If you could have told yourself something when you first remember these symptoms arising, what would you have said?

I do my best not to think about what I could have done differently.  I know some people that do this and I find it upsetting.  They don’t think about the happy moments in their life.

I did the best I could with the information that I had at the time.  While I have made a few mistakes, I have learned a lot from them which is never a bad thing. There are two things that I would tell myself:

  1. Go to the doctor/ER immediately regardless of what time of day it is.
  2.  After I got my diagnosis, I was in denial and didn’t want to accept it.  First, I thought the doctor was completely wrong.  Then based off of something I had heard, I convinced myself if I had no seizures for 4 years or so, maybe the condition would go away.  Needless to say, I was devastated to find out that my condition wasn’t going to go away.  I would gently try to tell myself the truth behind epilepsy.  It is a chronic condition that will not go away.  However, scientific research may lead to a cure someday.



What do you think?

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