Day 9 Chronic Illness Challenge

This post is one day late, but I will attempt to make up for lost time.  During Day 9 of the Chronic Illness Challenge we ask:

Have you ever tried any alternative therapies? If so, what? Did they work?

I guess I am just not an adventurous patient.   I have not tried that many alternative therapies, but I have tried the Modified Atkins Diet.

I am not sure what I was attempting to do could be considered the Modified Atkins Diet or if it was simply a low carb high fat diet.  I knew the number of carbs had to be less than 20g per day, and I tried to focus eating mainly healthy fats.

The diet helped me lose 8 pounds during a weight loss challenge that covered 4 months.  Trying to curb pizza and chinese food cravings were the worst.  Pinterest was a great help in finding new Modified Atkins recipies.  Pinterest has a lot of ways to make your favorite recipies Modified Atkins friendly.

I felt that it worked to some degree, and also helped me lose weight.  When the end of the semester comes,  I have a lot of deadlines to meet and need to start worrying about the number of classes that I will have next semester.  During these times, it is too easy for me to just grab something convenient regardless of the number of carbs that it has.




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