Day 11 Chronic Illness Challenge

On Day 11 of my Chronic Illness Challenge we have a deep question that every patient who has a chronic illness has probably asked themselves at some point:

Why do you believe you have this illness?  Bad luck, a higher power or something else?

I prefer not to answer the question of “Why do I believe I have epilepsy?”  I accept the fact that I have epilepsy.  Some of you might think that I am making up an excuse for not answering a difficult question.

I know some people who focus very heavily on events in the past.  They think so much about what they could have done instead that it paralyzes them. They don’t see the good things they have despite the difficulties they went through.  They can’t move on to the next chapter in their life because they are too focused on how they could have re-written the previous ones.

While I have asked myself that question in the past, trying to come up with some sort of answer was not helpful.  I do my best to live a good life while observing the limitations that epilepsy has given me.  I sometimes make mistakes, but that is part of living.


What do you think?

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