Day 12 Chronic Illness Challenge

I really struggled with this one.  I don’t think I have ever tried this before.  In day 12 of my Chronic Illness Challenge, we briefly explain to a healthy person what it is like to live with this illness.

Epilepsy is very different from person to person.  You cannot assume person A will have the same symptoms and problems as person B because they both have epilepsy.  While some people are photosensitive, strobe lights do not bother me.

I can’t do things that some other people can do (ie. rock climbing).  Epilepsy has placed limitations on my life.  I will not be climbing Mt. Everest any time soon.

Epilepsy medicines are known for nasty side effects.  Please do not be offended if I can’t remember stuff.  If I have hand tremors, it is probably because I drank too much caffeine that day.  It is another side effect of my medicine.  Fatigue is a prominent side effect also.




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