Day 26 Chronic Illness Challenge

On day 26 of my Chronic Illness Challenge, we discuss:

What impact has this had on your family, friends, partner, parents, etc.


I have a lot of acquaintances and colleagues that I talk to.  I have only a handful of friends that I feel comfortable telling the intimate details of my life.  I have always been this way, and it has been hard for me to make friends.  My condition has not made it any easier, since one side effect of the medicine is fatigue.  How can you go out and meet  people if you are tired?


I am now divorced and have no boyfriend.  If we were going to be completely honest, I am a little nervous about getting out there and dating again.    Sometimes my job keeps me so busy that I am exhausted by the end of the work day.  I don’t want to go to a group meetup already feeling tired.   There is also a lot of stigma towards persons with epilepsy.


My parents are having problems with memory loss.  One of my parents has even forgotten that I had epilepsy.  I’m not sure that is a bad thing though, since this parent has felt some guilt over me getting the condition in the first place.  I call home on a regular basis to remind them of what I am up to at the moment.


Due to my various seizures over the years, all my brothers and sisters have seen at least 1 grand-mal seizure.  Since they all live several states away, the support they provide is somewhat limited.  They do what they can to remind me to take good care of myself.


What do you think?

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