Day 29 & 30 Chronic Illness Challenge

We will finish up the Chronic Illness Challenge today.  This has been a very insightful experience and I feel the urge to try another blogging challenge.

Day 29: What has helped you with the stress of this lifestyle?

  1. Classical music – my lifestyle includes a lot of grading.  Mozart’s 2 pianos helps me stay focused on the task and is very soothing.
  2. Downtime – schedule some downtime to do fun stuff.  I am usually more productive afterwards.
  3. support groups – my epilepsy foundation support group as well as friends and family are great places to discuss problems.

Day 30: Name each part of your body and how your illness has affected it.

Since I have tonic-clonic (or grand-mal) seizures, my epilepsy affects my whole body.  No body part goes unaffected.  It takes a few hours for me to recuperate from the experience.  I have to wait even longer before I can have a decent conversation with someone.



What do you think?

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