My Static Lifestyle

I normally don’t respond to the daily prompt on WordPress very often, but gave it a shot today.  I previewed my list of word prompts and found one that seemed really appropriate:  Static.

The formal definition of static according to the Oxford Dictionary is:

Lacking in movement, action, or change, especially in an undesirable or uninteresting way.

I have a static life at the moment.  Some people find comfort in routine.  That is fine.  The routine I am stuck in at the moment was only supposed to be temporary, but it has lasted a lot longer than expected.  You could also argue that it is not good for me.

People tell me that I need to do new things.  I have a hard time doing this.  I feel exhausted after work, and my anti-epileptic medicine may be a factor.  I end up cancelling plans to go to events in the evening because I am too exhausted.

People also tell me that I will feel better if I go out and meet new people.  I frequently find myself exhausted (previous paragraph) or catching up on work in my days off.  How am I supposed to meet new people?

I need to shake up my static lifestyle.  Any advice is appreciated.

Daily Prompt: Static


One thought on “My Static Lifestyle

  1. I think it can be so hard. I got electrocuted some ten years back and the electricity in my body gives me epilepsy events a lot. In theory, sure I ‘should’ be working more, being social, but in reality, my body needs so much rest and sleep that I tend to be sort of a hermit and stay home much of the time. I think learning what your body needs and also maybe checking if medication, or noutrition, or getting enough sleep or water etc. is contributing to exhaustion might be helpful. I am not a doctor, but but I do recommend self-knowledge to everyone! Good luck figuring out what works for you and in having compassion for yourself if you feel you can’t do something you want to. I think folks who never had epilepsy (or some other illness or condition) can sometimes think you just need to ‘try harder’ or something and don’t understand how exhausting it all can be–


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