I have 20 years of experience as a patient with epilepsy.  My blog will touch on my life experiences as I attempt to figure out how to get the most out of life while managing this condition.  Professionally, I work as an adjunct professor in higher education.

Some of my blog posts will include helpful resources and coping strategies that I have found.  I try to make sure the resources are genuine and are backed by either the Epilepsy Foundation, CURE, or some other epilepsy related non-profits.

The rest of the blog posts will include personal experiences that other patients with epilepsy may relate to.  Often, patients learn a lot from each other.  Writing about your difficulties is not only therapeutic, but sometimes followers sometimes give good suggestions on how to solve your problem.  In the interest of keeping information private, most blog posts will leave out personal details that can compromise one’s sense of safety.

Feel free to check out my podcast “My First Seizure” to find out how my journey with epilepsy started.


I am a patient and not a doctor.   Epilepsy is a very personal illness, and experiences can vary depending on the person.  Do not take any suggestions listed on this blog as medical advice.

Why did you start this blog?

My original inspiration for this blog came when I was looking through book stores and couldn’t find a single book on how to cope with epilepsy.  I found one on how to cope with chronic illness in general, but not with epilepsy.  I thought it might be useful to share some resources and strategies that I have found useful.

I found out later that writing the blog posts was therapeutic.  It has been helpful composing blog posts of my experiences knowing that somewhere out there someone else has experienced something similar.


If you wish to contact me, you have a few options:

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  3. Reply to a post – Be very specific, so that you can make it past my spam filter.


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  1. You have a good site, and I want to recommend it to more people via the Blogger Recognition Award. I know not everyone participates in the awards system, and if you don’t, I completely understand. But you can find the details at http://wp.me/p6s2CE-8i if you’re interested. Either way, please take it as a sign of my regard for your site!


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