Day 22 & 23 Chronic Illness Challenge

Although it has been long past 30 days since I started this challenge, I thought I would finish what I started.    Today I am going to cover days 22 and 23 of the challenge.

Day 22: How do you feel you have been treated by the medical system? Explain.

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Days 13 – 17 Chronic Illness Challenge

Work got in the way once again and I fell behind in my chronic illness challenge.  I am determined to see it through to the end, so I will post answers to multiple questions today to make up for the loss.

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What did the doctor say?

I have been doing the best I can to cope with the fatigue that I mentioned in Breaking out of my Routine.  I finally got to see the doctor, but the hardest part was waiting for the results.

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Sleeping Lemur

Why Am I so Tired?

For some time now, I have felt exhausted frequently, and had little desire to do anything.  It has been difficult for me to get things done.

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Another Virtual Coffee Date

It is almost the end of January 2016, and time for another Virtual Coffee Date.  Go ahead and grab a hot beverage, and I will tell you what has been happening.  Make sure you have a large mug because I have a lot to tell you.

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Weight Loss Challenge – Week 2

How is my weight loss challenge going?

So far I have lost 2 pounds since the weight loss challenge began 2 weeks ago.  I exercise (cardio) at least 3 days a week. I have made a few decisions that I hope will keep the trend going.

Decision #1 – Nutritionist

I asked my neurologist about a specific diet that can help control seizures and help me lose weight.  I want to be able to do both.  She recommended the modified atkins diet and seeing a nutritionist.  I am hoping to learn something new that will help me lose weight.

Decision #2 – Exercise

I will exercise at least 3 days a week if not more.   I need to try to make exercising a habit.  I realize this won’t be easy, but that is why this is called a challenge.  Last time I tried a weight loss challenge, I was not exercising as often as I should.  I am hoping this will help me meet my goals.

Decision #3 – Healthy fats, low carb

When I do eat breads and crackers, I pick out items that only have whole grains.  At this time, I am trying to keep my carbs as low as possible.  If I go on the modified atkins diet, I may have to phase them out completely.

My workplaces have presented problems for me in the past.  Often free food is too much for me to resist, and it is not very healthy.  During lunch time, I often went for the convenient sandwiches at a nearby cafe, which have many carbs.  I am also tempted to grab a snack after class.

I will plan out my lunches and snacks the night before and bring them to work with me.  I can save money and calories.

I am incorporating more heathy fats.  My primary care physician recommended sardines, tuna, and salmon because have a high amount of omega-3.  Avocados and almonds also have a high amount of healthy fats.

Was I being a stubborn patient?

Earlier this year, I switched to a cheaper insurance plan without doing a proper investigation.  I should have taken the time to find out if my neurologist takes my new insurance.  They did not take my new insurance, so I could not see my neurologist.

I am happy to say that I have switched to a new health insurance plan.  I did my homework this time, and my neurologist does take this health insurance.  I have an appointment to see her next year.

She is probably not very happy with me.  I made the decision to simply wait until I have new insurance to see her again.   As a result, I haven’t seen her in over 6 months.

Was I being a stubborn and rebellious patient?  Probably. However, she knows my history and does a great job of monitoring my condition.  It is important for me to have a specialist that I trust.