My Ambulatory EEG

As a continuation on the series about my Ambulatory EEG, it is definitely going to happen.  It is scheduled for about two weeks from now.

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Followup: Blood blisters & Epilepsy

In one of my most recent posts, ‘Should I Worry? Blood blisters & Epilepsy,’ I talked about how I found a blood blister in my mouth.  How did that turn out?

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Should I worry? Blood blisters & Epilepsy

I need advice from the epilepsy community.  I went to the dentist this morning to get my regular cleaning.  The dental hygenist said something that bothered me a little and I am hoping others can give me more insight.

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Virtual Coffee Date – June 8, 2017

Are you ready for another virtual coffee date?  It has been awhile, so I thought I would let you in on what is going on in my life.  Hope you have a large warm beverage on hand!

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Day 29 & 30 Chronic Illness Challenge

We will finish up the Chronic Illness Challenge today.  This has been a very insightful experience and I feel the urge to try another blogging challenge.

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Day 28 Chronic Illness Challenge

Day 28: Name 5 things you have achieved despite your illness.

  1. Became a (part-time) Math/Physics Professor in higher education.
  2. Obtained Master of Science in Physics
  3. Obtained Master of Education
  4. Despite the medicine I’m taking, I was able to lose 8 lb using low carb high healthy fat diet. 🙂
  5. Started this blog

Day 27 Chronic Illness Challenge

Day 27: What’s the most helpful advice you have had?

Do the best you can with the information you have.

In other words, make the best decision that you can based upon your current information.  Don’t live in the past, and don’t continually ask yourself “What if …?”  The decisions you made in your past make up who you are now, and that is not a bad thing.