Virtual Coffee Date (January 2017)

It is January 2017, and time for another Virtual Coffee Date.  Go ahead and grab a hot beverage, and I will tell you what has been happening.

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Sleeping Lemur

Why Am I so Tired?

For some time now, I have felt exhausted frequently, and had little desire to do anything.  It has been difficult for me to get things done.

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How do you tell your boss about your epilepsy?

First of all, I want to apologize for not posting in a really long time.  I wanted to ask fellow patients with epilepsy for advice.

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Why I Couldn’t Finish Writing 101

In September I starting Blogging University’s Writing 101 course.  I really liked it and was learning a lot about writing.  It was especially helpful to see some of the posts from some of the other bloggers with more writing experience.  It has been a few weeks since I have posted anything.  I had to stop partway through my Writing 101 course.

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Day 12 – Procrastination is Bad


The semester is only a few weeks along and I am already an anxiety ridden mess.  I procrastinated on grading papers, and have some deadlines coming up.  I want to have some time to enjoy some personal time, while still being able to get most of the stuff graded.  I know procrastination is bad.  Why do I always do it?

Summer Work & Job Hunting

apple laptop

This summer I have focused on trying to improve my little corner of the world financially.  Almost every day during the summer, I was sitting in front of the computer working on lessons and applying to jobs.

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Frustration, Health Insurance, and Job Hunting

Today I am feeling a great deal of frustration.  I wanted to resolve my health insurance problem quickly, find a place of my own to live in, and get full-time employment.  Things did not go as planned.

In Upcoming Interview, I talked about an interview that I had in one of the colleges that I work for.  Despite the fact that I was incredibly nervous, I thought I did okay.  A few weeks later I found out that the position was cancelled.

In ‘I refuse to change neurologists!‘, I talked about the current problem that I am having with my health insurance.  I tried calling various people, and even went to my hospital’s patient financial councilors who help you with this kind of thing.  Unfortunately, I did not get the result I was hoping to hear.

I am feeling more than a little frustrated with my lack of results.  I can only see two ways things can play out:

  1. If I continue my quest for a full-time job, I would get health insurance benefits, financial stability, and eventually a place of my own.
  2. I may have to cave in and see a new neurologist.

I sent a message to my current neurologist to see what strategy she recommends, but have not heard back from her yet.  When I talked to someone else about this, and they thought it was great that I had insurance that was not dependent on your job.  Am I wrong to think that getting a full-time job will solve all my problems?