Weight Loss Challenge Accepted!

In the past few months, I have gained some weight.  My larger sized dress pants now fit a little snug.  I knew something needed to be done.

When my sister called suggesting a weight loss challenge, I enthusiastically said yes!  We have done this before, and I enjoyed it.  I like to have a good challenge that I can overcome.  I have a few goals in mind for this weight loss challenge:

Goal #1

My first goal is not to come in last.  From that sentence alone you can figure out what happened the last time we did this.

Goal #2

With the exception of Zumba classes, I have never liked exercising.  While I still love them, I frequently find excuses not to go.  I am also attempting to save money on gym memberships and try doing more cardio at home.


In the past, my neurologist recommended not doing anything too radical.  Someone I know made the simple observation that I don’t eat many vegetables.  When I was attempting to come up with a strategy, I thought that would be a good place to start.  I am also going to eat more healthy fats such as the ones in avocados, sardines, and salmon.  I have found an exercise plan online.  I want to follow it for 30 days.

My first day was yesterday and I need to report in on Fridays.   Maybe this would be a good blog theme on Fridays for the next few weeks.  Do you have any good weight loss suggestions?


Going Back to Zumba Classes

I have no discipline when it comes to exercise.  I have set a goal of losing some weight before I fly to visit my family for Christmas.  That will be challenging with Halloween and Thanksgiving coming up soon.

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Media Monday – Your Brain on Exercise

I needed this reminder for myself more than anything.  I need to get back into the routine of exercising to help keep myself healthy.  As the infographic below shows, a little bit of exercise regularly can have all sorts of positive benefits for your brain.  Not to mention I have to lose the weight that I gained from those donuts that I ate this summer!

Budget, Finances & Food

Discounted Food

Food is one of those items that I think I can  make a big difference on if I’m careful.  I like to eat out a lot, so it wouldn’t surprise me if my spending got a little out of control in this area.   I have given myself a food budget, and am going to try to stick to it as closely as possible.

I have looked for small ways to make my food budget stretch a little farther.  I remembered a farmer’s market that sold discounted vegetables, fruit, and fish.  When I did some research into this particular farmer’s market, I heard conflicting information.  So I didn’t go there until yesterday.  It was so much cheaper than my local grocery store and has a lot of variety!  I believe the key is to get there early, so you can get the better produce.  I then went to my local grocery for items that I couldn’t find at the farmer’s market.

Other Efforts to Save Money

I have made other efforts to same money.  For example, I stopped going to Zumba classes.  I’m not sure that was a good decision, since it was a great way for me to deal with stress.  The Zumba classes were not cheap, but I always left them feeling pretty good about myself.   Maybe I could try walking for 30 minutes a few days a week and see if it has the same effect.