How do you tell your boss about your epilepsy?

First of all, I want to apologize for not posting in a really long time.  I wanted to ask fellow patients with epilepsy for advice.

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Getting my Personal Life Back

My assignment for day 3 in Writing101  is called “One-word inspiration.”  The beauty of the one-word prompt is that it’s open to interpretation.  The word that I have chosen to use is love.

“Don’t let making a living prevent you from making a life.”  ~ John Wooden

I saw a different variation of this quote in someone else’s blog recently, and have not been able to get it out of my mind.  In the past few months, I was very busy attempting to meet some level of financial stability.  I have been job searching while teaching my math and physics courses during the semester.

I have been so busy trying to make a living that I don’t have much of a personal life.  In an effort to change that in some small way, I have joined a couple of groups that do things that I love to do.

  1. watch college football – I love to watch college football, and have a favorite team.  There is even a local group that gets together every saturday to watch my favorite team in a bar on the big screen.  I have decided to go every week and attempt to make a few friends. For my international viewers, I am not talking about soccer.
  2. stargazing – I love astronomy and stargazing.  I have for as long as I can remember.  I practice the cheap and inexpensive version of this hobby by going to local universities and science museums when they have a public observing night.  I even found a group that regularly goes to these events.
  3. watch movies – I love to watch movies especially science fiction and fantasy.  Watching movies in a theatre can get surprisingly expensive where I live.  I usually only go to movies that I think will be really good.

Has Much Changed from Last Year?


It is the end of January 2015 and I find myself still trying to make ends meet. I will be able to save money if I keep using the principles that I learned last year.


I can save a lot of money on food.  There is a local discounted farmers market near me, and it is open all year.  I just need to be careful of the produce.  I was able to buy produce for less money then at the local grocery store.   Eating out at restaurants has become a very expensive, so I will have to limit it to special occasions only.

Health Insurance

I knew that I had to reapply for health insurance, but I needed to try to get an option with a lower premium.  I needed to save money wherever I could.  I applied in December, and even had to send them proof of my income.  After calling to make sure that everything was going okay, I was able to choose health and dental insurance for myself.


I am actually teaching more classes than last semester.  I didn’t see any choice in the decision since bills need to be paid, and I need to save money.  I am working at two colleges teaching math at one place and physics at the other.  I am trying to use good time management skills to make sure everything gets done when it should.  Unfortunately, I have gotten paid at one of the colleges yet.  I’m not sure how much longer I can keep working like this.

I would like to be able to attend more networking events.  This would help increase my chances of getting full-time employment.  However, many of these events are expensive.  I will have to be careful to select some good networking events that are not terribly expensive.

When you are trying to make sure you can pay all your bills, it is hard to think about what job would be perfect for you.

When your job search doesn’t go the way you want it to…

I have been a little sad and depressed lately.  I am struggling to motivate myself to grade my student’s papers.  I also have an erratic sleeping schedule, which is not recommended by my neurologist.  I have a few theories about why this could be happening.

My quest for full-time employment is going nowhere.  The best progress that I have made is a couple of telephone interviews.  I have no problems finding work as an adjunct professor.  I am wondering if I am ever destined to have a full-time job or if I should give up the quest.  I have focused on the current city that I live in, since moving to between states and other cities is unpleasant.  Maybe the simple solution is to expand my job search.

Timing is sometimes an issue.  Right now, I can’t afford to live without a financial safety net.  The classes that I teach have fulfilled that purpose.  However, once I sign a contract to teach the classes it is unprofessional to break the contract.  I need my former employers to give me a glowing recommendation for my new job.

The sun is setting ridiculously early now, which can also affect my mood.  I sometimes teach in late afternoons and evenings, and going to work when the sun is already setting is a little difficult to get used to.

A simple solution that I am trying is to go to events and attempt to meet new people.  I will let you know if it works.  If you have a suggestion or recommendation, do not hesitate to let me know in the comment section below.


Is financial stability another lost american dream?

business manAnother semester is about to begin at my community college.  I had hoped to have a full-time job by now and put an end to the long string of contract jobs with no benefits.   I had hoped that this would  be the next stage in my life where I have finally achieved financial stability.  However, my plans didn’t work out the way I wanted them to.  Am I wrong to believe that a full-time job will solve my problems?   Read More »

Higher Education Guide: Look for Scholarships


It has become increasingly difficult to pay for a good college education.  Even if you do not have a chronic illness, looking for a few scholarships is a good idea.  Paying for out-of-pocket health costs on top of college tuition can be especially difficult for those with chronic illnesses.  You will need all the help you can get.  The epilepsy foundation has scholarships for those with epilepsy.  This stage will take some research, but if you are patient it will reap many benefits.


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Frequently when job hunting, people refer to a ‘open door’ as a potential opportunity and a ‘closed door’ as a missed opportunity.  Well another door slammed shut in my face earlier this week.  I didn’t make it past the telephone interview stage in the company mentioned in “Job Hunting Progress.”  Not only was I trying to transition from part-time employment to full-time, but I was attempting to transition from higher education to healthcare.  Naturally, the interviewer asked me a lot of probing questions.

When reflecting on the interview, I’m not happy with how I answered their question “Why do you want to work for our company?”  Maybe I need to ask myself this question before applying to the company.  Why do I want to work for company XYZ?  If I don’t like my answer, then I won’t waste my time filling out an application.  I’m not the type of person that can just work for any company on the planet.  I need to feel as if I’m part of something ‘special’ and that I’m helping people.  Unfortunately, I can’t get financial stability on an adjunct professor’s income.   In the meantime, I will keep looking for those opportunities where I can make a difference.