Day 4: A story in a single image

Due to work, I got a little behind in my Blogging University course.  My assignment for day 4 in Writing101  is called “A Story in a Single Image.”  The description for the assignment is:

Yesterday, you found inspiration in one word and used it as a springboard for a post idea. Images — including photographs and works of art — can also act as starting points for stories, essays, poems, and personal musings.


The first time I saw this picture I thought it would be nice to go to a nice quiet picturesque place like this one.  I would bring a telescope and look at whatever was viewable at that time of night.  Since I am not really type that loves to go camping, I would probably look for a local park that has a good view of the horizon.  Stargazing is typically more fun with friends, so I would invite some people to come with me.


Blogging U. Day 15: Create a New Posting Feature

This is my last assignment at Blogging U’s Blogging 101 course.  On day 15, my assignment is to create a new posting feature:

One of the best ways to inspire loyalty is to publish regularly. And the best ways to make sure you publish regularly is with a recurring feature — it’s like making a pact with yourself and your audience.

Today’s task: develop a regular feature for your blog.

Why do this?

  • Creating a regular feature means your readers have something specific to wait for at regular intervals — it gives your blog a hook.
  • It’s always a good idea to work on healthy blogging habits, and regular features help you stay on track.

Media Mondays

My new feature for my blog is “Media Mondays.”  On Mondays, I will feature an epilepsy related video, podcast, photo, or pinterest pin.  As I become more comfortable with cameras and photography, I may decide to post my own videos.

If you have other suggestions for regular features, do not hesitate to leave a comment below.  I love to get feedback from readers.

Epilepsy Stigma Blog Relay 2015

Living Well with Epilepsy has dedicated June as Epilepsy Stigma Awareness Month.  This year 30 bloggers/advocates/family foundations/epilepsy affiliates will each post throughout June on the topic of epilepsy stigma. Go to Living Well with Epilepsy’s Epilepsy Stigma Blog Relay 2015 website and read some of the blog posts.

Some of the stories are very powerful.  I have barely started and already come across a couple that deeply moved me.

What is Epilepsy Anyway?

Epilepsy has been in the news a lot lately, and it can be tough to understand.  There is conflicting information about it on the internet.   The presence of a seizure doesn’t necessarily mean you have epilepsy!  Get the facts here.

Disclaimer:  I did not create this video.  Consult your doctor for more detailed information.   Courtesy of epilepsy. com and Health Guru: