Day 9 Chronic Illness Challenge

This post is one day late, but I will attempt to make up for lost time.  During Day 9 of the Chronic Illness Challenge we ask:

Have you ever tried any alternative therapies? If so, what? Did they work?

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Looking for Modified Atkins Soup Recipes

Winter is coming right around the corner.  That means it is time to break out the soup recipies.  One of my goals is to find an awesome Thai Chicken Coconut Soup or Tom Kha Gai recipe. I have been trying to find some recipes that are also modified atkins friendly.  It is low carb and delicious.  The recipe for the soup in the pin below can be found at

I have also found this recipe for low carb chili which would make a great soup for those cold winter evenings.  The recipe can be found here.

I am a fan of relatively simple yet delicious recipes and I think both of these fit that description.  Do you have a great soup recipe that is keto or modified atkins friendly?

Looking for Modified Atkins friendly Recipes

For years, I have tried to cut the amount of carbs that I eat.  I have several reasons for wanting to do this. Today I finally took things one step further.


I have many personal reasons for wanting to lose weight.  According to most BMI calculators, I would need to lose a lot of weight before I would be considered to be at a “healthy” weight.  I believe it would be a significant boost to my self-esteem to lose some weight.  It may also help me make a good first impression when I go to interviews.  It is also infuriating to find out that most of the cute dresses/outfits that I like are not in my size.

The main reason for attempting this is better seizure control.  According to the Epilepsy Foundation, the modified atkins diet has proven to be effective in reducing seizures.  The modified atkins diet is low carbs and high fat.  Does it work?

In studies so far, yes. About half had a 50% reduction in seizures after 6 months. Many were able to reduce medications. (see

What did I do differently?

Today, I started searching for interesting recipes that were ‘Modified Atkins’ friendly.  Until now, I had concentrated on reducing the number of carbs.  Today, I took things one step further and started to actively look for recipes that would work for me.  At this blog, I found a bunch of recipes that I thought I could start using right away.  I am looking forward to trying some of the recipes.


Consult your neurologist first before attempting this.