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Christmas Vacation 2014 – It was sooo cold

I am back from my Christmas vacation.  I had intended to update my blog more often than I did, but I had to use WordPress for Android.  Unfortunately, I reached my roaming data limit very quickly.

The Weather

Mother nature tried it’s best to get in the way of my plans.  My plans were changed on many occasions because of snow, icy roads, and extreme cold.  I was not even sure that I would get back home because the weather got bad on the day of my flight. During most of the trip, it was so cold.

The Airline

The airline did an okay job.  On the way to my destination, everything went well without incident.  I did my best to get some rest despite the screaming kids on the plane.  A bad snow storm had started just as I was going to the airport to come home.  There was a delay due to missing flight crew.   The airline did a good job of de-icing the plane so that I could get home safely.  I am still unhappy with the number of delays that I had to tolerate and the long wait for my luggage.  I got back home at 2am!

The Health

My health remained pretty good during the holidays.  I didn’t have any problems on the airplane or during my travels while visiting my family.  I made sure to bring along a good supply of my medicine so that I wouldn’t run out.  I did eat a lot more than I wanted.  My sisters and I have formed a small weight loss support group to try to help each other lose the weight we gained last year.

The Family

My family was all happy to see me.  When I arrived home, I was given a gift in the way of some cash to help pay for travel expenses during the holidays.  Who could ask for a better Christmas present?  Despite the weather issues and flight delays, it was great to see them.


What do I do? Someone is having a tonic-clonic seizure!

Not knowing what to do if someone else is having a tonic-clonic seizure can be scary.  Knowledge is power!  These videos were not created by myself, but are courtesy of the epilepsy therapy project.   They help illustrate what to do if you see someone having a tonic-clonic seizure.   They also help illustrate what you should do immediately after the seizure.

Disclaimer:  This video does show someone actually having a tonic-clonic seizure.



My Myoclonic Seizures

What is a Myoclonic Seizure?

According to the Epilepsy Foundation:

Myoclonic (MY-o-KLON-ik) seizures are brief, shock-like jerks of a muscle or a group of muscles. “Myo” means muscle and “clonus” (KLOH-nus) means rapidly alternating contraction and relaxation—jerking or twitching—of a muscle. Usually they don’t last more than a second or two. There can be just one, but sometimes many will occur within a short time.  They occur in a variety of epilepsy syndromes that have different characteristics.  During a myoclonic seizure, the person is usually awake and able to think clearly.

My Myoclonic Seizures

At this point, it is important to remember that epilepsy is a very individualistic condition.  What happens when I have a seizure may be radically different from another person with epilepsy.  Time of day is important for me.  Most of my myoclonic seizures have occurred late at night or really early in the morning.  To anyone else, it would seem like my jaw is twitching.   If the myoclonic seizures do not stop, often they progress into a tonic-clonic seizure (type of seizure normally shown in tv shows and movies).  I can tell when this is going to happen because I gradually lose the ability to think clearly, speak or even walk.  I have always considered my myoclonic seizures to be a warning of a potential tonic-clonic seizure.


Convulsive Seizure First Aid

Convulsive Seizure First Aid

Knowledge is power!  Do you know what to do when someone you know is having a convulsive, generalized tonic-clonic, or grand mal seizure?  (Disclaimer:  this photo was created by the epilepsy foundation and not myself.)  If the text is too tiny to read, you can click on the image.  A new window should appear with a full-size view of the picture below.


Time for Me?

I’m getting back into the swing of things, but my body will not let me do everything I want.   I had a pretty bad seizure earlier this week.  It started out as a myoclonic seizure and might have progressed into a tonic-clonic seizure.   I’m not sure because I’m usually unconscious during most of the experience.  The dosage of my medicine was increased as a result.

I have concluded that I need to reserve a few hours during the week for me to relax.  I need time for me.  However, this is difficult for me to do.   My mind has turned everything that has happened into a catastrophe.

Status Update

I know it has been awhile since I have last posted, but I have been through alot in the past few months.  I will attempt to fill you in on the details in the upcoming blog posts.  Here is a basic summary:

  1. I still don’t have a full-time job despite having gone through a difficult job search.
  2. My spouse and I are going our separate ways.  It was a decision that we both made and  I am attempting to make sure that we are separating on the best possible terms.  Not even professional counseling was helping.
  3. Due to the tremendous stress of #1 and 2, my absence seizures have increased and I have small bouts of insomnia due to anxiety.  However, my myoclonic seizures and tonic-clonic seizures are still well under control.

I will make sure to keep you up-to-date on how things ended up like this.  I am hoping that my story can offer some insight for others.

What is Generalized Epilepsy?

I have had epilepsy for about 20 years now.  I have generalized seizures, which affect both hemispheres of the brain and produce a loss of consciousness.  So far, I have experienced three of the different kinds of generalized seizures: myoclonic, absence, and generalized tonic-clonic.

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