Upcomng Webinar – Introducing WebEase

This webinar is coming up soon!  There may still be time to RSVP.  Here are the details:

What: WebEase: A Webinar for People With Epilepsy

Who: Presented by the Managing Epilepsy Well (MEW) Network in partnership with the Epilepsy Foundation and the CDC Epilepsy Program. Special thanks to American Epilepsy Society, to the Epilepsy Therapy Project and to UCB/Epilepsy Advocate for their assistance in promoting this event.

When: Tuesday, November 13, 2012, 2:00-3:00 pm (Eastern Standard Time)

Where: On-line

Speakers: Sandra Helmers, MD, MPH (Emory University)

“WebEase (Web Epilepsy, Awareness, Support and Education) is an interactive, on-line self-management program for people with epilepsy. WebEase is different from other Epilepsy websites because it does not tell you what you should do.  Rather, it guides you to think about what is important to you in managing your epilepsy through taking medications, managing stress and getting a good night’s sleep. WebEase is for anyone living with epilepsy and who is interested in improving their self-management skills regardless of where they are in life, or how long they have lived with epilepsy.”  (http://www.epilepsyfoundation.org/resources/Webinars/Introducing-WebEase-A-Webinar-for-People-With-Epilepsy.cfm)

If you want to attend, click on the link above for more information.



Who Am I Now?

After the Diagnosis, Who Am I Now?

This talk was part of the invisible illness week virtual conference.   The motivational speaker in this talk tells me that I am the same person that I was before I was diagnosed.  I have the same interests and goals that I had before I was diagnosed with epilepsy.  The only difference is that now I need to cope with this chronic illness.   This is information that the patients with the chronic illness tend to forget sometimes.  What did you think of this talk?


Epilepsy Webinar – Strategies for Success

Epilepsy Webinars

I have been attempting to post links to webinars and other virtual conferences that might be helpful to those with epilepsy or other chronic illnesses.  If you find a webinar that I haven’t posted yet, let me know and I will help spread the word.  The webinar below has been archived by the Epilepsy Foundation for you to watch at your convenience.

Strategies for Success Webinars Using Technology to Communicate with your Developmentally Disabled Child

“Our featured speaker, Cindy Cottier, a renowned speech-language pathologist and communications specialist, provides an in-depth view of various communication tools and explains how the iPad is used as a communication tool for children and youth with epilepsy and other developmental disabilities.” (http://epilepsyfoundation.org)

The webinar can be found here:  http://www.epilepsyfoundation.org/livingwithepilepsy/parentsandcaregivers/parents/Strategies-for-Success-Webinars-Parts-1-and-2.cfm




Transition Epilepsy Webinar

Webinar – Transitioning Your Child with Severe Epilepsy

“Join us for an interactive webinar on how to best transition your child with severe epilepsy from school to community, from pediatric care to adult care. Questions and concerns from the audience were addressed by a panel of experts.

Topics for this presentation will include detailed information such as:

  • Managing and dealing with the increase of seizures during this period
  • Incorporating a positive behavioral plan for your teenager, with or without an IEP
  • Transitioning from pediatric doctor to adult neurologist to best deal with the new hormonal challenges
  • New resources for parents from increased technology in management tools to support groups.” (epilepsyfoundation.org)

The webinar can be found at: http://www.epilepsyfoundation.org/aboutepilepsy/syndromes/lennoxgaustaut/transitionwebinar.cfm